Selasa, 23 Oktober 2012

Tutorial apkenv for N900

This is my simple tutorial apkenv for N900 and example games fruit Ninja.apk
(Turn on Internet connection N900)

ok just go ahead :p

enable your repository from Applications Manager
go to X-terminal

code : 
root                              (enter)
apt-get update            (enter)
apt-get install libsdl1.2 libsdl-mixer1.2 libgles1-sgx-img libsdl-gles1.2-1  (enter)
exit   (enter)
sudo gainroot  (enter)
cd MyDocs       (enter)
wget  (enter)
exit  (enter)
sudo gainroot  (enter)
cd MyDocs       (enter)
bzip2 -d Apkenv_N900.tar.bz2   (enter)
cd /home    (enter)
cd /             (enter)
tar xvf /home/user/MyDocs/Apkenv_N900.tar    (enter)
exit      (enter)
root     (enter)
chmod 755 /home/user/apkenv/apkenv.fremantle.2012-10-21
exit      (enter)
exit      (enter)
Finish install
Look your menu and Enjoy :)
this my simple video :
many thanks to creator : thp 
source this link :