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Changelog :
** New – Separate setting for automatic recording for calls from unknown numbers and yellow page numbers
** Fix – Touch screen was unresponsive
** Fix – Swapping SIM cards from other countries/areas may cause system language to change
** Fix – Status bar would flicker
[Home screen]
** Fix – Google Mobile Services settings can appear on the Home screen
** New – Separate setting for automatic recording for calls from unknown numbers and from yellow-page numbers
** New – For China Mobile users in Beijing, faster checkout when purchasing mobile data
** Fix – Sometimes recording for calls would begin automatically
** Fix – When screen turns off when user is answering call, navigation buttons' LEDs also turn off
** Fix – Sometimes, texts would change on their own
** Fix – When applying new icons for a theme, some icons wouldn't change to the new theme
** Fix – Touching the buttons for Theme details, Reviews, and Share would trigger the wrong functions
** Optimization – When taking a picture, take your finger off of the shutter button to cancel the picture
Optimization – Max ISO increased to 1600
Optimization – Optimized low noise level Gamma
Optimization – Fixed indoor image stabilization issues
Optimization – Volume buttons have been changed from zoom to shutter button
** Fix – When image stabilization was disabled, video preview was distorted
** Fix – After 4X MSAA was opened, some games would flash quit
** Fix – When scanning a digital name card, content isn't read accurately
** Fix – When reading some QR codes, app would flash quit
** Fix – Sometimes, when deleting the last picture in an album, the app would not return to the camera interface
** Fix – When focusing manually with the flash enabled, the photo preview would not display properly
** Optimization – Re-designed UI for Bluetooth transfer
Optimization – Can now display multiple user accounts
** New – Added "Unlimited" option setting for controlling data usage when downloading via mobile network
New – Increased file capacity for users in Taiwan
** Fix – Sometimes, when using Bluetooth transfer, if the file name was too long it would not be displayed correctly
[Xiaomi account]
** Fix – After mailbox was setup, the Notification shade would still display the message "Xiaomi account is being activated…"
** Fix – In cloud backups for apps, names for non-local backups (i.e. backups for other devices) were displayed incorrectly
Bug : still same Analog TV and Gesture.

Update MIUI V5 3.11.29

Changelog :

Fix – When user was answering call, the status of the upper Status bar was irregular

[Locks screen, Status bar, and Notification shade]
Optimization – The push icon displays pushed apps' icons

Optimization – When a page is added to the Useful tab, the corresponding shortcut square's background is the same color as the page's (11-27)

Optimization – MiSound prompt added
Fix – Sometimes playing default video would cause FC

Fix – Sometimes changing the system language would cause app to FC

New – Cloud images can be played as slide show
New – User can share cloud images using third-party apps
Optimization – Faster loading time for start page and local images page
Optimization – Screen saver settings moved to system settings
Fix – When Gallery was open, the bar along the bottom of the screen would flicker
Fix – Sometimes an error would cause cloud images to increase to over 1000
Fix – When user closed cloud album, cloud album images would still be displayed as screen saver
Fix – The on the local storage page, the phone's internal storage and external SD card were being displayed with the same name

Fix – Themes with incompatible components cannot be applied

Optimization – Improved display for details page when viewing with lager system font sizes
Optimization – When DLNA devices are found, they are displayed in the same directory
Fix – Sometimes, when coming from the player interface, the details page would FC
Fix – When system was set to English, some menu titles were still displayed in Chinese
Fix – When user tapped search button, two loading animations would appear
Fix – Sometimes app would FC in list view

New – Weather data for cities out side of China added
New – Inclement weather warning feature
New – Trends data now includes weather data from the previous day
Optimization – Improved weather animation for clouds at night
Optimization – User can swipe between pages
Fix – Some themes couldn't get weather data

[Security Center]
Optimization – Increased efficiency for virus scans using cloud definitions
Fix – After virus scan, app names and icons weren't displaying properly in virus detail list
Fix – When system language was set to English, part of the Power settings interface was still in Chinese
Fix – When cleaning up trash, checking for large install packages would cause FC
Fix – Sometimes in Permissions, when user was looking at logs, app would FC
Fix – Sometimes during "Clean up" process app would FC
Fix – Sometimes the number of items cleaned up would display "-1"
Fix – Sometimes changing configurations in Power settings would also enable vibrate
Fix – When using a custom power configuration, notification sound on touch feature didn't work
Fix – Sometimes in the auto-clean configuration for cache, the "Never" setting didn't work
Fix – Sometimes power configuration would continuously change back and forth between Sleep and Default

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How To Install
 ====> save the file on the sdcard, reboot in recovery / CWM / TWRP ..
full wipe data,cache,dalvik and format system
install file in sdcard..

Credits :
- SoCr@te 

- needrom
- Ersan Permana (ANDJU Dev and port this rom ) 

- Bengkel Cross A27 Community

- Didiet Nuryadie ( ANDJU Dev )

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