Selasa, 13 Agustus 2013


ScreenShoot Look Here

Download Here for SGS4UI CROSS A27

 this fix for home button and eror wifi Download here


How to Install : save in your sdcard
boot in your recovery don't forget wipe data,cache,dalvik
install from sdcard enjoy.. Don't forget Thanks if you like my rom :p  

Features and Advantages:

+ Touchwiz launcher

+ SGS4 UI style

SGS3 + mod waterlock

+ Sim color options (white = sgs4,, black = hidden)

+ Built-in sound system and Vipper4android FX, for better sound quality

+ odexed apps & zipaligned for faster loading and smoother

Realtime Statusbar + Transparency

Two types Statusbar + toggles .. Lidroid and SGS4 style

Samsung bubble style messaging + .. + + SIM2 3G Support Extended power menu (Power Off, Restart, Recovery)

+ Some additional Settings menu:

> Settings> Auto launch (set up any kind of app that should launch at boot)> Settings> Battery (replace at will the battery icon)
> Live Wallpaper SGS4

# # How to activate init.d Tweaks in SGS4-UI # #

1. download Uni-init v1.0.apk
2. install apk as usual

3. run his app

4. press "Activate"

Credits to :
                  HaiduongBK (sources )
                  Kidz Nat,( CATS )
                 Tahta Ega and all community CROSS A27 
                  XDA Developers

Selasa, 06 Agustus 2013

port LeWa AMOI N821 to CROSS A27

Download here 
how to install copy file to sdcard reboot to CWM wipe data,cache,dalvik,install from sdcard
bug : fm radio,analog tv :p wait for update :v
Don't Forget wipe data,cache,dalvik