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Changelog :
** New – Separate setting for automatic recording for calls from unknown numbers and yellow page numbers
** Fix – Touch screen was unresponsive
** Fix – Swapping SIM cards from other countries/areas may cause system language to change
** Fix – Status bar would flicker
[Home screen]
** Fix – Google Mobile Services settings can appear on the Home screen
** New – Separate setting for automatic recording for calls from unknown numbers and from yellow-page numbers
** New – For China Mobile users in Beijing, faster checkout when purchasing mobile data
** Fix – Sometimes recording for calls would begin automatically
** Fix – When screen turns off when user is answering call, navigation buttons' LEDs also turn off
** Fix – Sometimes, texts would change on their own
** Fix – When applying new icons for a theme, some icons wouldn't change to the new theme
** Fix – Touching the buttons for Theme details, Reviews, and Share would trigger the wrong functions
** Optimization – When taking a picture, take your finger off of the shutter button to cancel the picture
Optimization – Max ISO increased to 1600
Optimization – Optimized low noise level Gamma
Optimization – Fixed indoor image stabilization issues
Optimization – Volume buttons have been changed from zoom to shutter button
** Fix – When image stabilization was disabled, video preview was distorted
** Fix – After 4X MSAA was opened, some games would flash quit
** Fix – When scanning a digital name card, content isn't read accurately
** Fix – When reading some QR codes, app would flash quit
** Fix – Sometimes, when deleting the last picture in an album, the app would not return to the camera interface
** Fix – When focusing manually with the flash enabled, the photo preview would not display properly
** Optimization – Re-designed UI for Bluetooth transfer
Optimization – Can now display multiple user accounts
** New – Added "Unlimited" option setting for controlling data usage when downloading via mobile network
New – Increased file capacity for users in Taiwan
** Fix – Sometimes, when using Bluetooth transfer, if the file name was too long it would not be displayed correctly
[Xiaomi account]
** Fix – After mailbox was setup, the Notification shade would still display the message "Xiaomi account is being activated…"
** Fix – In cloud backups for apps, names for non-local backups (i.e. backups for other devices) were displayed incorrectly
Bug : still same Analog TV and Gesture.

Update MIUI V5 3.11.29

Changelog :

Fix – When user was answering call, the status of the upper Status bar was irregular

[Locks screen, Status bar, and Notification shade]
Optimization – The push icon displays pushed apps' icons

Optimization – When a page is added to the Useful tab, the corresponding shortcut square's background is the same color as the page's (11-27)

Optimization – MiSound prompt added
Fix – Sometimes playing default video would cause FC

Fix – Sometimes changing the system language would cause app to FC

New – Cloud images can be played as slide show
New – User can share cloud images using third-party apps
Optimization – Faster loading time for start page and local images page
Optimization – Screen saver settings moved to system settings
Fix – When Gallery was open, the bar along the bottom of the screen would flicker
Fix – Sometimes an error would cause cloud images to increase to over 1000
Fix – When user closed cloud album, cloud album images would still be displayed as screen saver
Fix – The on the local storage page, the phone's internal storage and external SD card were being displayed with the same name

Fix – Themes with incompatible components cannot be applied

Optimization – Improved display for details page when viewing with lager system font sizes
Optimization – When DLNA devices are found, they are displayed in the same directory
Fix – Sometimes, when coming from the player interface, the details page would FC
Fix – When system was set to English, some menu titles were still displayed in Chinese
Fix – When user tapped search button, two loading animations would appear
Fix – Sometimes app would FC in list view

New – Weather data for cities out side of China added
New – Inclement weather warning feature
New – Trends data now includes weather data from the previous day
Optimization – Improved weather animation for clouds at night
Optimization – User can swipe between pages
Fix – Some themes couldn't get weather data

[Security Center]
Optimization – Increased efficiency for virus scans using cloud definitions
Fix – After virus scan, app names and icons weren't displaying properly in virus detail list
Fix – When system language was set to English, part of the Power settings interface was still in Chinese
Fix – When cleaning up trash, checking for large install packages would cause FC
Fix – Sometimes in Permissions, when user was looking at logs, app would FC
Fix – Sometimes during "Clean up" process app would FC
Fix – Sometimes the number of items cleaned up would display "-1"
Fix – Sometimes changing configurations in Power settings would also enable vibrate
Fix – When using a custom power configuration, notification sound on touch feature didn't work
Fix – Sometimes in the auto-clean configuration for cache, the "Never" setting didn't work
Fix – Sometimes power configuration would continuously change back and forth between Sleep and Default

ScreenShoot Update V3.11.29 look HERE==> click Here


Download Rom Here :) 

Download FIX Auto ReStart MIUI V.3.11.29 HERE



How To Install
 ====> save the file on the sdcard, reboot in recovery / CWM / TWRP ..
full wipe data,cache,dalvik and format system
install file in sdcard..

Credits :
- SoCr@te 

- needrom
- Ersan Permana (ANDJU Dev and port this rom ) 

- Bengkel Cross A27 Community

- Didiet Nuryadie ( ANDJU Dev )

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  1. lapor@ link nya susah dibuka om.. :-D

  2. hem, dikira sdh bisa 25 juni. . sbar deh# (y)

  3. g brat ta ne om buat andju kan bysanya MIUI brat om buat perfoma

  4. Untuk Link bisa buka pakai PC or install app di Playstore om..
    untuk 25 kernel juni BISA om :)

  5. Om cara setting internet na gmn cz ane mo update g bs trz

  6. ane nimbrung doloe om.. he he ^_^

  7. Kak Ersan.. Cross A27 yang 4.1.2(JB) gimana root nya?
    susah sangat.. udah ane coba cara 1 ampe 3(lwat recovery) tetep gak nongol tuh SuperUser.nya.. :(
    gagal terus... rep mutung ki.. :'(

    tolong kasih postingannya donk.. plis.. :)

    tingkyu tingkyu..

  8. alhamdulillah udah bisa di root ama cwm gan.. :)
    .. mau nanya ROM diatas bisa kagak di instal di Kernel Versi 15 April..?

    makasih.. ditunggu balasannya.

  9. work mas bro.. tingkyu, Ditunggu karya lainnya. makasih

  10. Sinyo settings buat unlimited
    Om Muh Agni sip om hhe

  11. yang mana nih om yang harus d download, yang dari mega ato google?

  12. Panjol; yang dari google itu ROM nya.. Kalo dari mega itu buat fix/patch.. karena klo gak di install pas ngeces gak muncul gambar batrenya(keadan hp mati) .. ;)

    Aghni~ maaf kak ersan.. buat konek ke google akun susah jdi Anonymous aja yha.. haha, once again.. Maap.. :D

    1. gak kebalik gan....mega itu roomnya...trus yg google itu buat fixnya,,???

  13. Om lapor.. Rom mantap.. Thx.. tp SD cardnya gak bisa kebaca..

  14. punya ku tak instal kok restart terus ya?

  15. lapor sekalian usul n tanya om, hehe,.
    1. sama dengan atas ane, habis flash semuaa restart terus.
    2. klu boleh usul, bisa gak ktika tombol power di tekan lgsg ada recovery buttonnya?
    3. bisa gak homenya d buat landscape?
    4. sorry klu kebanyakn tanya.
    5. hehehe,.

  16. Wah makasih dah bantu jawab anonymous hhe ya gpp, sdcard normal ko om coba install ulang klw ada yg suka reboot cz ane.normal2 aja om format system jangan lupa

  17. Recovery ada om install module mi-tools di wsm tools om klw blm bisa nnti ane buat cara installnya maaf ane lagi nga di depan pc soalnya heu :)

    1. iya om, di bantu tutorial cara installnya,.
      klu home biar lancdscape emg g isa ya om,.?

  18. punyaku restart terus :( tadi instal stock ROM yg ada di blog ini tetapi touchscreen gk bisa

  19. Lapor, worked dan sukses di andju kernel 25 juni saya, cuman problemnya main game kurang maksimal pake ROM ini. Perbanyak ROM buat andju kernel 25 juni ya om :D

  20. Om @Ost keren coba flashing tanpa patch apa sama restart trus? Klw stockrom yg ane itu buat yg base nya ics om klw yg kernel 25juni jangan flash stockrom itu :)
    Om Aditya ok om hhe klw miui untuk.tampilan aja hhe themesnya yg keren2 hhe..

  21. Bang @Ersan : Download Rom nya yg mana nih Om...??? Yg "Download Rom Here :)" atau yg "Download Update V.3.11.29 HERE"

  22. Download yang update v3.11.29 om :)

  23. mulai ane sedot om,.,
    hbis flash tar ane lapor,.

  24. Udah gk restart lg om, thanks.
    buat tombol power lgsung ada recovery nya gmn ya om,.??
    #Blind Rainbow

  25. thanks Om reportnya Check patch read SD CARD om :)

  26. kok boot loop bang setelah habis install update? mentok di gambar transformer.
    mohon pencerahannya...

  27. Lapor on :)
    Auto fokus kamera nya.

  28. wlan nya /nvram warning err=0x10..fixnya gimana om ersan....

  29. Bro ersan..pake UK note 3 past I lbh man cap neeeh...tgg Max brow update yg UI note 3...

  30. mastah ersan permana... lama banget gak update blog nya.. T_T

    kangen gebrakan nya.. asal ndak nggebrak2 meja aja..

  31. gan ersan.. klo hh ane kok g bisa install error E: signature ferification failed, itu knp n gmn cara atasinnya y ??? mhon bntuannya..

  32. om ersan cara downloadnya gimana ya?, di google drive ga ada ombol downloadnya

  33. Thank you.
    Can I update this ROM to MIUI 4.1.25 (Weekly update) with no error?

  34. Om ersan mohon izin icip, :D
    #salim dlu om, , :)

  35. mas ersan tolong accept izin ke drive buat download ROM S4 , email saya
    sama accept masuk ke grup bengkel a27 , ID fb saya Oriza Oktabiantoro , makasih

  36. nih cusrom buat cross a27 yg jelly bean bkan?

  37. Om ersan cara downloadnya gimana ya?, di google drive ga ada ombol downloadnya

  38. Sir Ersan... Google drive download link for FIX Auto ReStart MIUI V.3.11.29 wont appear. it only says no previews available and no download link below it... how are we able to download it?

  39. supaya bisa download nya gimana gan? please invite my gmail account

  40. sir, can i ask for . Download button does not appear

  41. Sir ersan how can I download 3.11.29 update? Thanks..

  42. sir ersan can I update it to miui v5?

  43. Sir ersan should we FLASH the AUTORESTART and PATCHSD card after we install the ROM (w/c is the v3.11.11.1)?

  44. om downloadnya kok gak jalan jalan ya? padahal koneksi stabil
    upload ke grup bengkel aja om

    mksh sblmnya...

  45. OM , KALO SECARA UMUM OKE ne ROOM, cuma waktu install WA ada error dengan tulisan "unfortunately, Whatsaap has stopped. %1$s in now running". dari semua versi coba udah ane coba ... tapi WA tetep muncul tulisan itu. mohon petunjuk !!!

  46. Hi ersan, I have installed miui v3.11.1 update & sd patch on my karbonn a30 every thing is fine except problem with link2sd apk when I go in link2sd storage info it automatically crashes . do u have any solution

  47. Sir ersan a30 ram is 512 mb does miui v3.11.1 kernel support swap

  48. siiip thank broww. . cmn unt coneksi internet ko rasanya lbih lemot knp yha

  49. satu lagi mohon di bantu untuk apk tv tuner cari di mana?
    trus kenapa kamera auto focus tidak berfungsi ??? help

  50. udah diinstal lebih bagus drpd jellybean standard, play store gak bisa masukin akun google udh coba edit host ditambahin # tp gak bisa jg, mohon solusinya ya mas ersan....

  51. fix auto.nya gede amat bang file.nya

  52. MIUI Rom Link not working, please fix Sir